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“There is no right way to dance….


Hi, I’m Misty, I’m a keep it real, say it like it is no holds barred warrior of truth and sometimes a naughty vixon of delightful decadence. I totally get off on really good coffee, cool people and creating sick ass, super fun high vibration experiences for people like you.. whether its through workshops, keynotes or hiding out and dancing in the jungle for 10 days. 

I have been an addict for movement and dance (as well as many other yummy things) my whole life. 10 years ago while living in Los Angeles, wrapped up in the Hollywood life, severely bulimic and overworked, I cracked. I was at the top of my “game”. I was under contract with NIKE as a Global Elite Athlete, I was the director of the top Health club in Cali, I was in demand working with companies like Reebok, Sketchers, YogaWorks, Equinox and more. I thought I was the shit.

And then BAM! The illusion came crashing down and I woke up to something… something so powerful and liberating! I have tried to explain it, but words confuse it. Truth, presence, awareness….. what ever it is, It set me free from so many things, changed my perspective and has guided me ever since.  I quit my job, sold everything I owned, moved to the Caribbean (fell in and out of love) and launched and founded a Global dance movement that is inspiring millions to come together and get their GROOVE on! 


Now I spend an exuberant amount of time making and enjoying mind blowing coffee beverages (for my healthy coffee tips…. Download – email sign up) and green smoothies while I continue traveling the world, igniting communities and inspiring hearts to come together to be authentic, creative and have as much fun as humanly possible! 

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Truth is, we have no idea how long we will get to live in these wildly miraculous and bizarre sensorized meat suits. So why not enjoy it to the max, explore decadent pleasure, DANCE! Live life your way, on your terms, by your rules, create your own religion, surprise and impress yourself. Set yourself FREE!  Yes it’s possible. But no one is going to do it for you. But we can do it together! 

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I would love to meet you! I want to know your guilty pleasure and the practices you do in your life to keep you sane.

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“Inspiring the World to DANCE!”

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